Landing Page VFX

I made the landing page VFX, using Unity's Particle System.
Card Rarity: Ultra Rare

I designed and made all the 'Card Rarity' animations. These were; Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare. 
This included the frame shine if you had a Gold or Veteran framed card.
Limited Offer

I designed, concepted, implimeanted and animated the 72 hour limited offer feature, that users see when they first enter the game.
HUD Menu
I concepted, and implemented the in game menu. This was a rework from a previous menu. The new design made it alot easier for the user to find the core buttons; SFX on/off, Info and Concede. 
To get from the menu to the information I wanted everything to be confined to one window as, during online gameplay too many windows becomes too distracting for the user. So i made the HUD menu expand and contract when opening the information tab, with a transparent background so the user can still see what is happening on the board.

Matchmaking Screen and Game Intro

We wanted to convey that you were in a 'command room' watching a screen, so i made a targeting system seeking out an opponent. When your opponent is located you leave the screen and walk to the board to commence battle!

This was the first piece I made on 'Battle Decks'. I designed, concepted, implemented this matchmaking screen. I also animated the first person camera walk through from screen to board.
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